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Design Center

Custom-Designed Apartment Homes

At Thorne Crest, we understand that everyone is unique and your home should complement your lifestyle and personal taste. That’s why, in addition to the standard and premium amenities offered in our senior community apartments, we’ve provided you with options that enable you to customize your living space using our new Design Center.

Our Design Center offers a wide variety of flexible and customizable options for your home. The possibilities are endless; from custom and specialty paint, carpet, and fixtures to custom cabinets, granite countertops, closet organizers, or even hardwood floors. In some cases, we can even add or remove entire walls.

In our assisted living apartments, we can also make special accommodations for healthcare and mobility needs. We want all residents to be comfortable and happy, whether you choose an independent living or assisted living apartment, and therefore we encourage all new residents to customize their living space with our Design Center.

Design Your Dream Apartment Home

Our interior designers are available to discuss customized living options for you or your loved one and we’re here to offer ideas and suggestions. Upon request, the Design Center staff can even provide space planning and home staging options to ease the transition into your new apartment home. Experience the benefits of custom independent living and assisted living home with Thorne Crest’s unique approach to senior design and lifestyle.

We invite you to preview the variety of lifestyle and health care options available at Thorne Crest: