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Below are a few Reviews, Recommendations & Testimonials from Thorne Crest community residents and their families. Interested in sharing your own Thorne Crest story? Click here to send us your feedback.



My Mom was in the Healthcare area and we couldn’t be more pleased with the care that she received. The staff is so caring and compassionate to the residents. It is tough during the pandemic but they have done everything possible to make the residents feel safe and cared for. I miss the staff as much as the residents and cannot wait to go back and visit. Thorne Crest was such a big part of our life for the 1 1/2 years that Mom was there. They all became a part of our family. I would highly recommend them!

My Father in Law is a in an Independent Living apartment but receives full meals and some services from the Assisted Living section. He is very happy there and particularly likes his modern comfortable apartment. He has a small balcony as well as a bedroom, living room, nice bathroom with easy access shower, stacked washer/dryer etc. He is also very pleased with the friendly staff who know his name and help him whenever needed. He enjoys the exercise classes, swimming in the therapy pool, using the van for trips to the store and occasional Doctor appointments and the musical entertainment.

Thorne Crest was also the care for my Mother in Law when she was in her final illness. The Assisted Living staff was phenomenal with her-kind, gentle, professional. They were also kind and helpful to the entire family. For example they let us know we could rent an apartment for a few days so we could be extra close. They made signs for the apartment door to limit visitors in a polite way. They worked as a team with the hospice people from Mayo.

I have a Mom and a sister in a retirement community in a bigger city and it is not as friendly or as well run as Thorne Crest. Thorne Crest seems to be well staffed and managed. They even initiate contact with our family when they notice things. All in all it’s terrific.

Our dad enjoys living at Thorne Crest. He likes the food and the social interactions. In the winter he swims several times each week. this has been a good form of exercise for him.

Our dad has lived at Thorne Crest for 2 years. He is in an independent living apartment but also receives some assisted living help. We have been very happy with the care our father has received since moving to Thorne Crest when our mother was dying. the staff is friendly and helpful. They allow him to be as independent as possible, but are there to help when he needs something. His apartment is comfortable and pleasant. He has decorated it with things from his home. They are very flexible with him. Because of family and friends, he has lots of visitors and comes and goes with family. Staff is welcoming when we visit and always welcome him back home when he returns from a day out. I cannot imagine a better place for our dad to live. It was very hard for him to lose his wife of 68 years. Thorne Crest has made it possible for him to enjoy live alone. What a blessing.

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Thorne Crest is very clean facility and they have beautifully designed their rooms with quality materials and craftsmanship. I would have given Thorne Crest a 5/5 star rating but my 4/5, was for the blowing noise to the heating and cooling system, which is typical in apartment style living. Throne Crest has an amazing heated, salt water pool and the class offerings for the residents is hard to to beat. Most importantly, the entire staff at Thorne Crest are caring and kind and really do seem to enjoy the work they do!

We are very happy with the care our parents have received at Thorne Crest. The staff was super kind and supportive during Mom’s final illness. And they’ve made the independent living apartment a true home for Dad. Can’t say enough how grateful we are.


The first time I walked into Thorne Crest I was amazed ! It was exceptionally clean and beautiful. While visiting my aunt I observed how respectful the staff was and how genuine they were in their care. Her apartment is very nice with updated features My aunt enjoys living at Thorne Crest and partakes in all the many activities they offer. Albert Lea is lucky to have such a great Senior Living Community!

Thorne Crest Retirement Community provides assisted living and also semi independent living facilities. I think that the overall appearance of the building is neat and the assisted living area was clean. The food is good with choices varying daily. I thought that the apartments were above average in comparison to others in town for retired people/ elderly. I would recommend this care facility to anyone inquiring.


I recently moved my mother to Thorne Crest as I need time away for hip surgeries. It was great to find that Thorne Crest has respite care which allows mom to stay on a short term basis. The Marketing Director, Catherine Buboltz, has been wonderful to work with and flexible in adjusting arrangements to meet mom’s needs. Thorne Crest has every level of care as well. The building is beautifully maintained and has several gardens and a solarium. The staff are very kind and helpful and have included mom in many of their activities and give her rides to her medical appointments. I would highly recommend Thorne Crest!

I have been very pleased with Thorne Crest Senior Living Community. Catherine Buboltz, the Sales and Marketing Director has been so helpful and has accommodated our request to have a balcony room for our mother. The staff always are very kind and helpful. It is also great that Thorne Crest has respite care to give caregivers a place to take care of family so they can take a break when needed. I would highly recommend Thorne Crest!